Power Up your PowerShell experience with these four add-ons

The PowerShell devs have added new tools and functionality that makes your life easier in PowerShell. Let me show how to use these new toys!
Power Up your PowerShell experience with these four add-ons

The creators of PowerShell have introduced new tools and functionality to enhance your experience with it. Over at the TechTarget website, I discuss four additions that can enhance your everyday use of PowerShell.

The article talks about recent improvements in PowerShell, focusing on tools and features that make it easier for users to work with. It discusses PowerShell’s extensibility, introduction of ANSI colors and $PSStyle variable, customization of command-line editing with PSReadLine module, and integration of Azure’s AI capabilities through the Az Predictor module. It examines techniques for managing PowerShell output data, using modules like Out-GridView and ConsoleGuiTools to enhance data visualization and interaction in the PowerShell console environment.

Hey where’s the rest of the article?

I am only allowed to publish a small excerpt of this article on my website. The full article appears on the TechTarget website. Any articles I write for other websites become their exclusive content once published.

If you want to read the article, you must go to their website. However, I want to keep a full archive of all my work on my site. The only way to keep a full record of my work on my website and make the other site happy is to only publish a brief excerpt from the article and provide a link to it.

I get it; it sucks having to visit another website to read what you want. I hope you don’t mind and will head to the TechTarget website to read the rest of the content.