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I am a sysadmin/network administrator/tech-support/analyst/linux-“guru”/Cisco-guy techy that has been in the ISP/IT industry since 1995.  I walked out of college into a level-1 tech support position at Les Services Internet ABACOM inc, a Sherbrooke, Quebec area ISP in 1995.  256kbps fractional T-1, 32 33,600kbps modems, and 80486 DX4-100Mhz servers (2 of them!!).  We came a long way – frame-relay, dialup, ISDN, wireless…..  I loved that place, the atmosphere, the clients (most of them), and learned a heckofalot of stuff in the while I was there.  In a way I miss the days of dialup and 10Mbps coax….   *sigh* 🙂  Wave to Marc-Olivier Méhu, taught me alot of things to get me on my way.



In 2006 it was purchased by B2B2C.ca, my current employer.  I continue to learn boatloads of stuff in this line of work, however the Internet and the typical user has changed over the last 15 years, so I have to continue to adjust to the expectations of the workplace.  Not always easy and always a challenge.  So essentially, I have been doing the same job from 1995- , and each and every day has never been in the least bit predictable.  My current interests that I work on whenever I have a chance are of course, IPv6, virtualization with RHEV/Xen/KVM/VMware ESXi.  Fortunately I have enough leeway to explore these areas while being paid to do more mundane routine-ish things.


And why this website?


The first reason – With so many customer support calls regarding wordpress and some varying degree of misbehaviour…..I figured I should give it a try and this is its home.   The second –  I want a place to post stuff about work, and whatever other crap crosses my mind or my desk that might break the monotony of everyday work.  If I have to spend 8 hours a day on my computron I might as well have a collection of stuff to show for it.  Besides, if you don’t like what you read, the Internet is full of other stuff to go to, use your google-fu.

If all goes as planned, this will be a mix of stuff I have to work on, and random off the wall BS to keep things light.

Originally this site was named http://random.cconn.info/, but in late May 2014 I noted that a new gTLD was made available, .ninja.  My geek side went into overdrive and I had to have one 🙂  (linux|cisco).ninja was already taken, so commandline.ninja it is pc


If for some reason you feel the need to contact me, I can be reached at cconn (a_t) commandline.ninja (change the a_t for @ in case you haven’t figured it out 😉



2 thoughts on “About

  1. To whom it may concern,

    I am putting together an ebook showing people who are doing interesting things with new gtld websites and I am interested in using commandline.ninja, with your permission ofcourse.

    I would like to include the domain name, a brief description of what your site does and a screen shot.

    Please let me know if that would be ok as It wont be included without your say.

    If you have any questions please ask

    You can check out our facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/newextensions


    Alex Keaveney


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